Globally Successful, Internationally Minded!

Our main geographical focus is the EMEA region. We have also been successful in the US, APAC and LATAM.


Below is a world map and a list of regions where we as consultants have had success, we will keep updating them!

map2 - Copy.gif


EMEA                                  US                                          APAC                           LATAM    

London, UK                        Boston, MA                         Singapore                     Belem, Brazil        

Cambridge, UK                   New York City, NY              Sydney, Australia                              

Derbyshire, UK                   New Jersey, NJ                     Suva, Fiji                                            

Staines, UK                         Cincinnati, OH                                                                    

Zurich, Switzerland             Miami, FL

Basel, Switzerland

Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Zug, Switzerland

Geneva, Switzerland

Lausanne, Switzerland

Cologne, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Munich, Germany

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Paris, France

Milan, Italy

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Johannesburg, South Africa